A Flexible Alternative to Permanent Truck-Weighing Stations

Virtually every business that owns, operates, or depends on trucks needs to make provisions for weighing them. Drivers need to be assured of accurate weight assessments before setting out to make their deliveries or else substantial penalties and delays await them. Accurate weight measurements are also important for a range of other reasons. From ensuring that equipment is used only as authorized to tracking wear and maintenance issues, being able to weigh a truck before and after it is loaded is a basic requirement of the business.

This means that many companies will be equipped with at least one permanent scale for this purpose and others. Equipment of this kind is typically installed underneath the asphalt or concrete in a loading location, with an unseen truck-length platform doing the necessary work.

Such equipment tends to be highly reliable and generally cost-effective, but it does come with some significant downsides. Probably the most obvious and greatest of these is that it is, as the name suggests, immobile and fixed in place, meaning that weighing can only be conducted at the original site of installation.

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That is often acceptable, but there are also many cases where it will not be. In these situations, portable truck scales can be a superior alternative, allowing for the weighing of trucks and other loaded vehicles wherever might be most convenient.

Unlike permanent equipment, these weighing tools do not typically include full-length platforms. Instead, they are more often sold with individual sensors, each of which is meant to take the weight of a particular set of wheels.

For a full-length tractor-trailer, that will obviously involve some setup time. Even so, getting a measuring tool of this kind ready is something that normally be done in a few minutes, provided that the required space is easily accessible.

Once set up, such a tool can be every bit as accurate as a permanent one. All the driver will need to do will be to get the truck’s wheels centered on the measuring platforms, with a fair bit of leeway typically being available. Modern tools of this kind then make use of short-range wireless communication to add up the individual totals, producing an accurate overall measurement.

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